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Southeast University (SEU, Chinese: 东南大学; pinyin: Dōngnán Dàxué) is a public research university formed from one of the oldest universities and the first coeducational university in China, and designated as a member of the Double First Class University Plan, Project 985, and Project 211, sponsored by the Ministry of Education of China aiming to develop into a world-class university.

Its precursor, Sanjiang Normal College, was established in 1902 as a modern university on the campus of an academy which dates back to 258. In 1921, the school changed its name to National Southeast University and became the second national university in China, and in 1928 was renamed to National Central University, the nation's flagship university.[6] After the KMT government lost Nanking to the Communist Party of China, the university was renamed as National Nanking University in August 1949. It was renamed Southeast University in May 1988..

Southeast University has been ranked among the top 20 research universities in China and the top 300 across the world. In the official subject ranking conducted by the Ministry of Education of China, it has been ranked top 3 nationally in 8 fields including architecture, landscape architecture, urban planning, art history, civil engineering, electronic engineering, transportation engineering and biomedical engineering. SEU is a highly selective university that usually accepts top 2% students in the National College Entrance Examination of China.